Police Department
102 Willow Street
New Richmond, OH 45157 

Eric Williams
Chief of Police

Emergencies: 911
Non-emergencies: 513-553-3121

Quick Facts

  • Officers within the Department are State Certified with police powers and authority as set forth under sections of the Ohio Revised Code. All officers have obtained at least 600 hours of specialized training through the Ohio Peace Officer’s Training Academy as mandated under section 109.78(D) of the Ohio Revised Code.

  • The New Richmond Police Department has Mutual Aid Agreements with the Clermont County Sheriff’s Department and local police agencies.

  • The New Richmond Police Department has direct radio communications with the surrounding police, fire and EMS agencies servicing the village community.

  • The New Richmond Police Department is committed to Community Oriented Policing.


Mission Statement

The mission of the New Richmond Police Department is to protect life and property, to understand and serve the needs of any and all persons within the village, to actively seek to identify community problems and solutions to those problems, to identify and prevent any criminal activity which may occur, and to improve the quality of life in this community.

Department Values

We value human life, constitutional rights, individual differences and contributions, sense of community, integrity, purposefulness, openness, justice, discipline, mutual respect, individual and organizational excellence and being caring.


The New Richmond Police are responsible for

  • The protection of lives and safeguarding of buildings and property.

  • Deter and prevent crime.

  • Educate the village community in all aspects of crime prevention and survival.

  • Enforce state statutes, and village ordinances.

  • Apprehend violators, file affidavits, and serve warrants.

  • Assist with traffic control and parking operations.

  • Investigate complaints, offense reports, auto accidents, and any other unusual or suspicious activity in the Village.

  • Provide business and residential checks of buildings and houses; Assist injured/ill persons.

  • Assist stranded motorists.

  • Establish and maintain good working relationships with community officials, groups, and other police and security agencies and courts.


Basic Safety Tips:

Whether you are new to the Village of New Richmond or have lived here your entire life, here are some basic rules to help keep yourself, your car and your property safe and secure.

  • See it, hear it, report it! If you see something suspicious, call the New Richmond Police Department or dial 911.

  • Always lock your door: Thefts occur anywhere and at any time…please do your part to prevent “opportunity crimes”. Use alarms, cameras, motion sensors, light timers and other smart software to protect your residence or business. Please remember crime “Never Takes a Holiday or Vacation.”

  • Always lock your car: Don’t leave anything in plain view. Remove valuables or lock them in the trunk. Check on your car occasionally if it is parked for long periods of time.

  • Protect valuables: If possible, leave valuables at home. Otherwise, store valuable possessions, such as credit cards and jewelry in a small safe in your room or in a locked trunk or glove compartment.

  • Guard electronics: Don’t leave electronics, such as laptops, cell phones or iPods, unattended. They’re easy to steal, conceal and dispose of quickly.

  • Stay sober: Alcohol impairs judgment and increases your chances of being a victim of crime. New Richmond Police Department enforces state law and village ordinances: The legal age for drinking in Ohio is 21.

  • Use common sense: Walk with assurance so you’re not an easy target for criminals. Don’t flash cash. If you need help, don’t hesitate to give the NRPD a call.

Message from the Chief of Police

New Richmond is a community of almost three thousand persons working, living, and residing in the village. As in all communities, public safety, crime, and the loss of property are all daily problems.

The New Richmond Police are responsible for the public safety and security of the Village Community. This task is one we cannot accomplish alone. Crime Prevention and security awareness are self-serving qualities.

We need the assistance and cooperation of every resident, business owner, employee and visitor to help us fight crime. As a member of the New Richmond Community, you have a special relationship with the NRPD and we want to assure you that we care about your concerns and are here to “Serve – Protect – Educate”.

We encourage you to join us in our efforts to provide a safe and secure environment for you and your family.


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