Planning & Zoning

Department of Planning & Zoning
102 Willow Street 

New Richmond, Ohio 45157

Monday: 8:00 a.m.–3:00 3:00pm
Tuesday: 8:00 a.m.–3:00 3:00pm
​Friday 8:00am – Noon


Clermont County Ohio Citizen Self Service Portal – view all permit and inspection data from the Building Inspection Department and Public Health Department.​

Visit to pay a VILLAGE of NEW RICHMOND Zoning permit

Jurisdiction code is: 8457​

Or, you can pay via phone by calling toll-free: ​ 1-800-272-9829

Zoning Map
Zoning & Housing
The Village of New Richmond enforces its own Zoning & Housing Code.  This applies to all property located within the municipal corporation of the Village.  A complete copy of the Zoning & Housing Codes are available below.

Comprehensive Plan

The Village of New Richmond has adopted a comprehensive plan.  A copy of the current plan is available here:

Our Mission:

Simply put, our goal is to utilize the land for which it is best suited. 

New Richmond is unique in the fact that it is rural, has small town charm, enjoys a river view and is walk-able yet still close in proximity to many urban centers.

To that end, future land use is important and that is where zoning in New Richmond comes into play.  ​

We work hard developing future land-use plans that factor in economic and social aspects, as well as the physical characteristics of the land.

​Zoning provides for more orderly development where regulations pertaining to lot size, set back lines, building height, and population density can make areas more attractive. 

The Zoning Department also works to:

  • Protect/Maintain property values
  • Coordinate FEMA floodplain requirements
  • Enforce Housing Codes and Nuisance properties
  • Attract business and industry to an area